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MONO YX Correction Tape

MONO YX Correction Tape
MONO YX Correction Tape

Eco Mark certified product
· Conformance to the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing(applicator body)
· Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database(applicator body)

Length (m)
Outside Dimension (depth D x Width W x Height H) (mm)

1. Any order over the specified amount can enjoy free delivery service.

  • Excluding outlying islands

2. Delivery time:

  • Once the order is confirmed, the company will arrange delivery as soon as possible, about one to three working days (except for orders and special areas)
  • If gale signal No. 8 or above is attached to the county, and the black rainstorm warning takes effect, the delivery service will be suspended or delayed until the next working day.
  • Model: YX
  • Weight: 40.00g

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