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Brand: NISSEI Model: BO-750
Easily measure the amount of oxygen in the blood that flows through the arteries (arterial oxygen saturation level) at the fingertips. Made in Japan5 Years Warranty Period Robust body design: With a small body made possible by newly designed circuits and PCB configuration, and usage of a s..
Brand: NISSEI Model: DS-1902
Made in Japan5-year warranty IQ Fuzzy System MeasurementMeasurement during inflation23-43cm in arm circumferencePersonal ModeIrregular pulse rhythm indicationDual 30 times with date & time memory & averageLarge and clear displayDate and time indication..
Brand: NISSEI Model: DS-A10
5-year warranty Automatic inflationMeasurement during inflationIrregular pulse rhythm detectionBody Motion Indicator Applicable upper arm circumference: approx. 22-32cmSimple operation ..
Brand: NISSEI Model: DSK-1011J
Made in Japan5 Year Warranty Irregular pulse rhythm detectionWHO blood pressure classification22 to 32cm2 banks, each stores 60 readings Touch screen operation ..
Brand: NISSEI Model: WS-820
WS-820 Meets the stringent requirements of German Hypertension League to carry its quality marketing Made in Japan5-Year Warranty Speedy and comfortable measurement by IQ systemAutomatic inflation2 x 30 times memory and data averageIrregular pulse rhythm indication M formed cuff fits ..
Brand: NISSEI Model: WSK-1011J
Made of Japan5 years warrantyAutomatic measurement of systolic, diastolic, pulse rate and pulse pressure on the wristWHO blood pressure classification Irregular pulse rhythm detectionM-shaped cuff — cover your wrist properly over the arteries for accurate measurement (for wrist circumferen..
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