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Brand: 3M Model: 680-6
DetailsKeeps notes and papers organizedStrong adhesive makes flags stay put and lets you reposition as wellDispenser keeps flags always within reachWhite, 1 in Wide50 sheets/Dispenser..
Brand: 3M Model: 560RP-GK
Post-it Page Markers 100Sheets 4-Color..
Brand: 3M Model: 656
Colour : yellowSize : 2X3 inch..
Brand: 3M Model: 700MC
post-it page markers 10 colour (Neon ) ..
Brand: 3M Model: 657
Post-it Note- Color: Yellow- Size: 3 (l) x 4 (w)- 100 sheets..
Brand: 3M Model: No.R330-YW-INTL
● 3 in x 3 in, Canary Yellow● Pop-up Notes are simple to grab one note at a time● Peace of mind with better organization● Canary Yellow gets noticed and keeps life simple..
Brand: 3M Model: 4011
Features : Industrial grade super strong pasteCan withstand various outdoor and indoor climatesSponge has extremely high elasticity and can be closely attached to uneven surfaces, such as brick walls and concrete wallsCan replace iron nails to avoid damage to the wallmodel4011size1" x 60"Weight..
Brand: 3M Model: 7004
• #300 acrylic adhesive on Label Material 7004 offers outstanding adhesion – quick stick and permanent bond – to low surface energy plastics.• Designed for narrow web presses using flexographic, UV letterpress, screen or gravure printing processes.• Recommended for automatic application rates from 0..
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