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Brand: brother Model: D200HK
1 : 3.5, 6, 9, 12mm2 : Fast 20mm/sec print speed3 : Clearly labelled items make for a much more efficient workplace. The compact design and easy-to-use features means that labels for CD cases, filing folders, shelving, staff/visitor name badges and many other items, are easily and qui..
Brand: brother Model: D200SN
PT-D200SN is a stylish Snoopy labeling machine which contains 34 types of Snoopy patterns, and 22 types of Snoopy frames. You can create your own unique Snoopy label easily by yourself.Fits in the palm of your hand so it is easy to carry or rests easily on any flat surface. Familiar computer style k..
Brand: brother Model: TZe-621
Brother TZe-6219mm x 8m Black on Yellow..
Brand: brother Model: TZE-251
Brother TZe25124mm Black on White ..
Brand: brother Model: TZE-334
Brother TZe334Gold on Black (12mm)..
Brand: brother Model: TZE-241
Brother TZ-241Black on White 18mm..
Brand: brother Model: TZe-721
Brother TZe-7219mm x 8m Black on Blue ..
Brand: brother Model: TZe-231
Brother GZ-23112mm x 8m Black on WhiteThe TZe-231 is a 12mm black text on white base laminated tape made of PET (polyester film). This TZ series tape has a quality permanent adhesive providing good adhesion to most smooth, oil and dirt free surfaces. The over laminate provides a high degree of prote..
Brand: brother Model: TZU-B31
Black on Snoopy Blue (12mm)..
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