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Brand: Staedtler Model: 134-HB
Brand : StaedtlerModel: 134Style: HexagonalLead Grade: HBColour: YellowPacking : 12 pcsSpecial features:- Rubber-tipped & Sharpened Pencils- Hexagonal yellow barrel blacklead woodcased pencil- High-quality pencil- Easy sharpening & erase- Ideal for school and office use..
Brand: Staedtler Model: 526 B30
Size: 65 x 23 x 13 mmProduct informationComfort quality for high-quality erasing performanceMinimal crumblingProtective cellophane wrapper with practical tear-and-open stripSliding sleeve for convenient handlingPhthalate and latex free..
Brand: Staedtler Model: 13710C12H
- Standard-sized watercolour pencil with spiral lines- Offers a wide range of colouring possibilities - also with water and brush- Up to 48 brilliant colours- Fade resistant, excellenct coverage- Smooth and soft leads- Leads made in Germany- Break resistant leads, extra bonded, easy to sharpen- Safe..
Brand: Staedtler Model: 1371001CH
STAEDTLER Children's Color Pencils LUNA 137 (Sailing) Water-soluble color pencils are available in a variety of colors for shading drawings to create beautiful watercolors. In the use of flexible, water-soluble lead-brush on a little water, it can produce different colors and watercolor effects.Shid..
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