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Brand: Deli Model: DELI 9935
Product Name: Mini manual shredderBrand:DeliModel:9935Size:292x157x125mmCapacity:4LMaterial: Acrylic Transparent HousingConfidential grade:IIIThe shredding effect:3x23mmNoise:Max.55dBApplications:Crush paper-A4,Card,Discs..
Brand: Deli Model: Deli 808
DELI 808 Candy color Tape Dispenser Main Features: - Streamline modelling fashion, Razor blades, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust. - The tape can be applied within 18mm. - The candy color can..
Brand: Deli Model: DL8014
Cutting Capacity: 1mm (10 sheets)Blade Type: KnifeMeasuring Scale: mm/inchFormat Indication: B7,B6,A5,B5 & A4Material: Steel baseTable size: 250x300mm (10"x12)Weight:2.70kg..
Brand: Deli Model: DL8004
Cutting Capacity: 15 sheetsBlade Type: KnifeMeasuring Scale: mm/inchFormat Indication: B5, A5, B6 & B7Material: Wooden baseTable size: 300x250mm (12"x10")Weight: 2.5kg..
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