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Model: ART. 42671
Description– innovative wax crayons: more durable, less fragile than traditional wax crayons– new formula enables three times longer drawing line– clean– triangular shape provides comfortable grip– set 12 colors– conforms to EU regulations– crayon lead 1,1 mm..
Model: YN-RY12C
筆桿備有特韌紙卷,不易撕破水溶特性,容易清洗,不怕沾污雙手及地方筆徑15mm,小朋友過度用力亦不易折斷符合歐盟玩具安全標準一盒12色尺寸:(蠟筆)直徑15 x 長95mm(膠盒包裝)闊216 x 厚24 x 長123mm ..
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