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Brand: Goma Model: X500
Size 5 Basketball (Primary School)Circumstance: approx. 69-71cmWeight: approx. 470-500gMaterial: PU (Composite Leather)For Indoor/Outdoor..
Brand: Joerex Model: JAF009
Joerex American Football (JAF009)..
Brand: Joerex Model: 5-3000
Joerex Basketball no.5-3000..
Brand: Joerex Model: 6-PU3000
Joerex Basketball no.6-PU3000..
Brand: Joerex Model: B-8000G
Joerex Basketball No.B-8000G..
Brand: Joerex Model: JB828
Joerex Basketball No.JB828..
Brand: Joerex Model: 7Y
Joerex Number7 Plastic Basketball No.7Y..
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