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Office Supplies

Office Supplies
Model: DS-500
The “Auto-On” feature of the DS500 switches on the scale when the patient taps on the heavy duty glass platform.  秤台尺寸 Pan Size : 5.3 x 6.2 (cm)  電 源 Power: “AAA” Battery x 2 pcs. ..
Model: DP-7100E
Hopper capacity:  300 notesStacker capacity:  200 notesSpeed: 800, 1200 , 1500 notes per minuteNote sizes: Length 120-182mm , width 50-85mm                      Thickess 0.075-0.15mmDimention/Weight: 287x243x248mmLDH/ 6.5kgPower consum..
Model: LT100H
LetraTag LT100HSmall, sleek and super portable, the handheld LetraTag® 100H is the ideal label maker for your home. It prints on a variety of colored labels, plus adds popular features like multiple font styles, underlining, bolding, text sizing and more. Its graphical display lets you see font effe..
Product Description: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green..
Model: PM121
- Size: #1- Shape: Triangle- Packing: 100 pcs/box- Colour: Nickel- Material: Iron ..
Model: OP-90
【Product】ELM OP-90 Electric Letter Opener【Model】OP-90【Barcode】【SKU】IT001【Brand】ELM        【Size】73x73x40mmSpecificationsCutting width 2mmBattery (AA x 4 pcs)Cutting width 2mmColor: Black, White..
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