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Brand: CARL Model: Angel-5
- Model: Angel-5 - Dimension (L x W x H ): 115 x 73 x 119mm- Durable Sharpening Mechanism- Colour: Blue / Green / Red- Weight: 260g- Desk Clamp Included- Shavings box which can be easily removed for emptying- Designed by CARL MFG. CO. LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN- The Original Quality Since..
Model: 557
- Pencil Size: 38mm (width) x 48 mm (depth) x 41mm (height)Features:- High quality steel inserts- Smooth cutting, effortless- Cute lovely & useful, novel and practical- Peel box, Clean and sanitary..
Model: 430MI
- Dimension: 40mm (diameter) x 58.5mm (height)- Weight: 22.05g- Features: 1 hole, comfort grip, steel blade, cutting surface is smooth, effort, anti-breaking core- Ideal for home or office use...
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